Knitting for charity: Helmipöllö set for kids

12:28 PM

Sateenkaaria ja serpentiiniä blog (in Finnish) is calling for small knitted items to a charity sale for Canelipuu ry. This non-profit organization is building a school in India, and they are raising funds for running the school. Sounds like a good cause, and as I recently released a new pattern, Helmipöllö, I wanted to use that. I found some yarn from my stash that's thinner than the original pattern calls for, so I decided to see if thinner yarn and smaller needles would make a children's version of the beanie and scarf.

Yarn: Novita Isoveli (beanie 84g scarf 188g)
Needles: 6 mm

The beanie turned out too small on my first try when strictly following the adult's size pattern, but adding one repeat of the cables was enough to make it fit. For the scarf I simply used all the yarn that I had left, and it's just enough to wrap twice around a little neck (134 cm).

I think the set looks good, and the feedback from the model was encouraging: "I like this big pom pom. Can I wear these after the photo shoot until daycare?". Actually, I'm so happy with the result that I'm offering the pattern for free for anyone who wants to use it for a charity project. If you'd like to get a copy of the pattern, click on the Facebook link at the bottom of the page, hit the Like button and leave a note with your Ravelry id (or e-mail address) and a link to the charity project that you want to use the pattern for. I'll send you the pattern through my Ravelry store.

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  1. What a generous and gorgeous gift!

    1. Thank you! I hope someone wants to buy it at the Christmas market.


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