Amigurumi fruits & vegetables

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I came across some cute amigurumi crochet on Instagram and thought that it would be nice to crochet something similar, but I don't have time for something like that. I'm a serious knitter, after all. A couple of days later I realized that crocheted food would make a great Christmas present for Troll princess. At the moment, she is using pearls and slugs as food in her kitchen and getting rid of those small items scattered around her room would make everyone happy.

 There are so many amigurumi patterns on Ravelry that it was difficult to know what to start with. I narrowed the selection by choosing to go with fruit and veggies only. I want my kids to make healthy choices!

I've been adding one veggie at a time to the collection. These are fun projects, as it takes about an hour to make one so you can take a break from other projects and quickly finish something. I've been posting pics of the finished items on Instagram along the way, and Troll princess has seen many of the pics. The response has been exactly what I was hoping for: "Woolly mushroom! Mom, show me that pic of the woolly mushroom! Could you make one like that for me, please?".

This has been a very rewarding project for me as well. As I was pregnant with Young warrior almost 7 years ago, I took some old towels and used them to sew diapers for the baby. Two babies later I now cut the diaper fillings into small pieces and used them as filling for the toys. Not only did I get rid of some leftover yarns, but I also managed to re-recycle these old towels!

Another bonus: I learned crochet vocabulary in English, so I was able to translate my Korppi place mat pattern in English.

Thank you for sharing these patterns:

Look at this crap I made!
- Tomato, mushroom, bell pepper

Lion Brand yarns
- Eggplant, apple

Nyanpon's knit and crochet
- Leek, beet

Kristi Tullus
- Carrot

Sheep Dog's Fleece
- Cabbage

Johanna Karlsson
- Banana

- Pear

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