Pine cardigan

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Finally, here it is! My modified version of Helga Isager's Pine cardigan. I started knitting this in October, and it's finished already. Knitting this amount of brioche takes some time, so I was working on and off on this. Then I ran out of yarn, and had to wait quite some time to get more. Nothing to do with the yarn shop here: I ordered the yarn and said I would send a courier to pick it up, but my courier forgot all about it. Eventually, I did get the extra yarn needed and managed to get the cardigan done. 

The original design is much shorter, and I knew that I wanted a longer version. The experience with other patterns from the "Four seasons of knitwear" book was that there was plenty of buffer in the recommended yardage, so I figured that I could add a stripe to the length. Now the problem was that for some reason I was also working on bigger needles than recommended, and due to not paying attention also happened to make the first stripe longer than instructed. As I didn't want to unravel (unraveling brioche is definitely not my favourite...) I thought that I could simply add two rows to all stripes. There was a warning in the instructions that the sleeves might turn out too long, but I decided to ignore the warning as I'm a big girl with enough reach on my arms. Due to one or two or all of these reasons I now definitely have enough length on the sleeves. I like the length of the cardigan, though. One more button would have been good, I guess a normal knitter would add a button if adding a stripe, but I happened to have 7 buttons in my stash so that's what I used.

Pattern: Pine cardigan by Helga Isager
Yarn: Isager Spinni (colorway 13s, 240 g) and Isager Alpaca 1 (colorway 7s, 180 g)
Needles: 4,5 and 5 mm

I have now knitted Lemon, Snowdrop, Robin, Starling and Pine from this book, so I think it's time to knit something else for a change. Now the question is what? Can you recommend a pattern that would a) look good and b) give an opportunity to learn something new: a new construction, technique, or something?

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  1. Lovely! Both the cardigan and you!

    1. Thank you, Liina. There's a reason why I'm usually behind the camera. Didn't work with this cardigan, though, as it's too big even for me...


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