Paintbox Log Cabin Blanket

4:20 PM

At some point last summer I wanted to start decorating our balcony. Of course, that meant trying to find knitting or crocheting ideas. Searching through Revelry I found the Paintbox Log Cabin Blanket by Katherine Keyes. She used Noro Kureyon in a big 4 x 5 square blanket. I remembered that I had some Noro Haniwa left from the Skerry cardigan I knitted last winter, and that I also bought all of the yarn that the store had left after finishing the project as I was so fond of the yarn. I made one square first to see how it would look like and to evaluate if I had enough yarn. I loved the result, but at the same time noticed that I would run out of yarn. However, I also found this green Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed for framing the squares, so blanket project was on.

Pattern: Paintbox Log Cabin Blanket by Katherine Keyes
Needles: 5 mm
Yarn: Noro Haniwa in colorway 6, 320g and Debbie Bliss Donegal Luxury Tweed in colorway 360046, 222 g

After knitting the first square I realised that I wouldn't be able to make more than 8 or 9 squares. That wasn't a problem, though; I figured that a smaller blanket would be just fine. I had plenty of the green tweed, so I doubled the width of the edging and it turned into a nice 93 x 110 cm blanket. I modified the edging also in that I knitted it in one piece instead of the original one-side-at-a-time construction.

At some point I changed my mind and decided that the blanket wouldn't go to the balcony after all, as the colors matched the colors of my study better. There's another project going on for the balcony and I can now curl under this blanket in my study. This last picture shows three generations of DIY home decorations: my new blanket, pillows that my mom sewed for me, and a lamp made by my grandfather.

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  1. This is just drop dead gorgeous!!!! I would soo0 love to have it on my couch!!

    1. Thank you Alina! I'm really happy with the result :) Yesterday I had a little patient on my couch, and I was happy to have something to cover him with after he fell asleep.


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