Tamarugo hat and gloves

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I met the lovely Anna of AnnaSaskia designs last October at Kässäkerho Pom Pom Superviikonloppu. She told me about her plans and it's been great to see her start with her web page and Etsy shop since then. After the festival I checked out her designer page on Ravelry, and noticed that she's the designer of the popular Tamarugo hat. And then I remembered the camouflage-colored yarn that I had bought with Young Warrior in mind, so all that was left was to modify the pattern into kid size.

Pattern: Tamarugo by Anna Hintikka
Yarn: Novita 7 veljestä Viidakko, 46 g
Needles: 4,0 mm (US 6) and 4,5 mm (US 7)

Last autumn, I made fingerless mitts for Young Warrior so he could play Pokemon. Later on, he explained that there should be half of the fingers in the gloves for better fit. Of course, that's obvious, and so is the reason why I didn't make them in the first place: too much effort and too many ends to weave in. But if the kid makes the effort to explain what kind of knitwear he needs, I feel that I need to make the effort to knit that and as there was plenty of yarn left, that was the next project.

Pattern: Improvised (incorporates Malli 18 kynsikkäät and Tamarugo Hat)
Yarn: Novita 7 veljestä Viidakko, 37 g
Needles: 3,5 mm (US 4)

I wanted to make matching gloves to go with the new hat, so I took the stitch pattern from Tamarugo hat. To avoid swatching and counting, I searched for a kids' glove pattern for the yarn. I skipped the stitch pattern from the instructions and used two repeats of the same stitch as in the hat. As the stitch is formed by one row of mostly slipped stitches, I was worried that the gloves would turn out uneven as the palm side would have one extra row in every four rows. Therefore, I slipped every other stitch on the palm side when knitting the slip stitch row, and then slipped every other stitch on the following row. Looks pretty even now. Only thing that I would modify is to make the fingers different length to match the length of the kid's fingers - working until the first knuckle, for example. There will be an opportunity to try that, as the next order is in. Troll Princess just realised how unfair it is that she doesn't have fingerless gloves...

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