About me

This blog is for all you ambitious knitters around the world. For those of you who like to try new things, experiment with new yarns, techniques, and patterns. I'm hoping to inspire you with my creations, so check that Follow me box and hit the button of your choice - or scroll all the way down to click the Like button on my Facebook page or follow on Google+.

Education in my family goes along the lines of textile and craft studies: my grandma was a textiles teacher, my mom is a textiles teacher, my sister is a craft scientist. I'm an engineer. Talk about black sheep in the family.

For many years, I didn't see myself as a creative person. I can't sing, I don't enjoy drawing or painting. Then one day I realized, that I've been designing knitwear all my life. You can read about the early days on my first blog post. As an engineer my work is mostly on a conceptual level; reading, writing and making Power Points. Creative, yes, but not something concrete that you can touch and feel. That might be one of the reasons why I love knitting so much: it gives me the opportunity to make something tangible. With that creative twist.

My hobby moved on to another level in April 2015 when I got the idea to make my designs available for other knitters as well. I started my own little company, and I'm enjoying my new life as an entrepreneur. Most of all, I hope that you enjoy my designs and make something lovely with my patterns, so jump to my designs and see what I have designed for you!

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