Hippiäinen summer top

4:53 PM

Bubble gum colors for my Troll princess. The perfect choice for a sunny summer day: bright and striped! The stripes are made by changing both color and texture, alternating in stockinette and purl in four colors.

Pattern: Hippiäinen tee
Yarn: Novita Miami (Peach, Yellow, Mint, Gray)
Needles: 4 mm

The pattern is available on Ravelry in English and in Finnish in size 104. You'll need one ball of each color.

The original version of the design had colored stripes on gray background, but I learned the hard way that storing children's wear projects for a year is not a good idea. I had knitted the front a year earlier, but got distracted with other projects. Then I returned to this one, picked a t-shirt from what Troll princess is wearing now to get the correct size for sleeves, but noticed that there were some other minor adjustments needed as well:

As I didn't have enough gray to make a bigger version like this, I modified the stripes so that there's gray background on the top and more colors at the bottom. As this project has taken some time, you might not find the same colors anymore. However, I think any bright happy colors would make a similar result, just choose a neutral background color to replace the gray, and then the brightest colors you can find for the other stripes!

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  1. Beautiful!! So colorful and playful! I would love one for myself! :)

    1. Thank you so much Alina! With your pattern modification skills I'm sure you'd have no trouble making an adult version of this :D


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