World wide KIP day at Snurre

5:05 PM

Every day is a potential knit in public day for me, but it's always more fun if there is company. World wide knit in public day sounded like something I'd like to participate in, and not only by knitting by myself. To my surprise, there weren't that many KIP happenings listed in Helsinki. The choices were either Geek girls knitting in the park or Snurre, a LYS. I think the geek here refers to a different type of geek than what I am, and as I've also passed the times of being able to call myself a girl, there wasn't much of a choice to be made. Number one reason for choosing Snurre, however, was that I had been wanting to visit that yarn shop for quite some time already, so I put the date in my calendar and made sure I'd have at least a couple of hours on Saturday to go there.

I was a bit afraid of not finding a seat once I get there two hours before their closing time, but maybe the first sunny summer day had changed other knitters' plans and they were all knitting in a park. So there was a chair left for me and my knitting, and some lovely company as well.

Sparkling wine, knitting, and making new friends - that's an afternoon well spent! Who cares if it was the only sunny day this summer! As a bonus, I finally made it to Snurre and had the opportunity to see their yarn selection. Of course, that meant a little stash enhancement, as I found the set of yarns I've been looking for. Lamana Piura alpaca had the colors I had been searching for, but also other lovely colors that made me think twice about which colors to choose. Thank you fellow knitters for confirming my original color plan! However, I should've thought about the amount as I need more than three balls and it would've been better to get them all on Saturday when everything was -15 %!

It's funny that it took so long for me to finally find my way to Snurre. I guess the problem is that it's too local: as I live in downtown Helsinki, it's always possible to just pop in - but then I never do, because I never put it in my calendar. It's a bit like meeting with friends: I used to see my friends more often when I was living abroad, because back then I would contact all my friends when coming to Finland and make the effort to meet with them, but now that I live here we can meet anytime - so there's no reason to contact them...

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