Erwin Wurm: knitting inspiration

10:46 AM

Erwin Wurm exhibition at Sara Hilden art museum turned out to be all about knitting. Well, almost, and from a knitter's perspective at least. The museum says that the major themes of the exhibition are "a yearning for freedom and individuality, the vanity of striving, the breaking of rules and the subtle difference between the sublime and the base or between normativity and deviance". I say the artist portrays knitwear in amazing contexts.

Totally awesome Psycho series shows people wearing knitwear, but doing it all wrong, trying to escape from where they've end up. Knitwear sculptures!

Best part, however, is the wall size Mental pink, a knitted pullover for a wall. Specially made for this wall with a gigantic knitting machine. It's really knitted! The museum is hoping to find the funds to keep this piece of art, as it wouldn't make sense on any other wall. Because it was knitted for this wall.

There are a bunch of other interesting pieces in the museum: you can make your own One minute sculpture (idea that was borrowed by Red Hot Chili Peppers on their Can't stop video), funny sausage sculptures, a fat car, giant pink suit, etc.

I think my Washing line street art piece won't be the last knit art production in my repertoire. Feeling inspired. Go see it. Before Sep 20.

Erwin Wurm: Disruption
Sara Hilden art museum
Until Sep 20, 2015

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  1. Oh, Katrine!!! This is absolutely STUNNING!!!! What an inspiration! The wall pullover is just beyond the words... Oh, how I would love to visit!!!!! Thank thank thank you for sharing!

    1. Glad you like it! It was such an inspirational exhibition.


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