Vest for a young gentleman

7:22 PM

I seem to be knitting for my Young warrior twice a year: a beanie for the winter and a vest for dressing up. The previous vest was with cables and you can find the Kivitasku vest pattern on Ravelry. This time I wanted to knit a background for this "T" badge I had bought a couple of years ago already.

Pattern: improvised
Yarn: Novita Wool Merino
Needles: 4 mm

As I was sewing the badge on the finished vest, I remembered an earlier project with badges. This was for a bit younger version of the Young warrior. This vest has the same story behind it: I found these cute little badges and wanted to knit something that I could sew them on.

As this smaller size vest is no longer in use, I've put it on sale on a Finnish auction site. There's another little vest as well, this one of Rowan Bamboo soft yarn. These are both about size 68/74.

I was planning on writing a pattern for the vest, but as it's a really simple thing I guess you can easily make your own pattern and just add the badges that you'd like. You could also take the Kivitasku pattern and just leave out the cables from the front and knit in stockinette stitch instead.

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