Place mats for the balcony

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There are two things that I don't really enjoy: interior design and crochet. Well, actually I do enjoy crochet, it's just not something you can do while reading and there aren't too many things you can crochet that would also be useful and look nice. Having said that, I have crocheted a couple of things for our home and when I noticed that we need place mats for our balcony table I got the idea to crochet them. I chose Novita Tuubi as the yarn, as I've used that for baskets before and I like the way the baskets turned out. Well, I also like the way the place mats turned out!

The thing I didn't like about crocheting the place mats was the way it hurts my hand to do it! Maybe because of that or maybe because of some other reason (such as the other 10 or so WIPs...) it took me all summer to crochet 6 place mats. At some point after listening to me complain, Business woman even suggested that I should only make 4 as there are only four of us in the family. But the table is for 6, so it needs 6 place mats! Just in time for the end of the summer I finally finished this project, and I'm glad I managed to do all 6.

I was thinking about writing the pattern for these place mats, but I guess you can see the pattern from the pictures so there's no reason for me to learn crochet vocabulary in English. For my Finnish friends, I've included the instructions below.

Pattern: Korppi place mat
Yarn: Novita Tuubi 1722 g (6 items)
Hook: 8 mm

Now I can relax and enjoy the last summer sunsets on the balcony, with my knitting and wine glass on the new place mats!


Virkkaa 10 kjs ja niihin 10 ks. Tee viimeiseen ketjusilmukkaan 3 ks ja käännä työ. Jatka tekemällä ks jokaiseen aloitusketjun silmukkaan. Tee viimeiseen ketjusilmukkaan 3 ks ja aloita 2 krs. Nyt virkkaa ks:t edellisen krs:n kiinteiden silmukoiden takareunaan. Tee aina kulmasilmukkaan 3ks ja jatka näin 14 krs. Päätä piilosilmukalla ja päättele lanka.

Edit Nov 27: I happened to be following a crochet pattern in English, thus learning the English vocabulary, so here is the translation:

R1: 10 CS

R2: 9 SC, 3 SC in next stitch, turn the piece and work on the front loop of the original sts: 9 SC, 3 SC in next stitch. 

From the third row on, work in back loops of stitches

R3: 10 SC , 3 SC in next stitch, 1 SC, 3 SC in next stitch, 11 SC, 3 SC in next stitch, 1 SC, 3 SC in next stitch

Continue in a similar manner for 14 rows, bind off and weave in ends.

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5 kommenttia

  1. They look really good. It's actually fortunate we don't need place mats; otherwise I'd be required to crochet them and I, too, detest interior design and crochet. (Well ok, my relationship to crochet is exactly the same as yours; pain and no reading.)

    1. Thank you! Great minds think alike, let's stick to knitting! Except that I had to unravel a crocheted basket as I ran out of yarn. Unfortunately, it was black on the bottom and purple on the top, which means that I had to unravel almost the whole thing to get the little bit of black that I needed - and now I have all the purple yarn to crochet back in place...

  2. Love them! Such a stylish design! Crochet will always be my first love :)

    1. Thank you very much! I really like the way they turned out, simple like I wanted. But with your crochet skills I'm sure you would go for something more demanding :)

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