Knitting for charity: Shawl for Women's line

10:19 AM

Novita yarns is hosting a charity knitting contest to support Women's line, a service that helps women suffering from abuse, threats or fear. As a former volunteer for Women's line, I knew that this was a contest I have to participate in. The rules are simple: design and knit a scarf/shawl/cowl with Novita yarns. All submitted items will be sold at a crafts fair and the revenues donated to Women's line.

Pattern: Punavarpunen shawl (made for this project)
Yarn: Novita Nalle
Needles: 4mm

I keep seeing all these beautiful shawls in other blogs, but I had never knitted one. I guess I didn't know where I would use one, so it never occurred to me to knit one. Well, here's the opportunity to change that as I'll be giving the shawl away. I wanted to try some knew techniques, and also do a bit of stash busting, so I ended up picking a bag of Novita Nalle leftovers. I can't remember what I once knitted with these colors, but they seemed to be matching and in nice fall colors, so I started experimenting.

I wanted to do a basic striped garter stitch shawl with a little twist. The twist comes from the brioche stripes that use two colors and the stripes knitted with self-striping yarn. I thought brioche was something almost new to me as I thought that it must have been like 20 years since I tried it last time. Well, digging deeper into my stash a couple of days ago revealed a brioche cowl that only needs weaving in ends and I remembered knitting that only 3-4 years ago. Not really a new technique then, but I don't remember doing it with two colors before. Of course, I might have just forgotten about doing it. Btw, I need to send in that cowl also, if I just manage to make myself finalize it...

Definitely a new technique for me was the i-cord finishing of the sides. I was afraid that it would take forever, but it wasn't too slow after all. Even if I had to do a couple of retakes as I was too hasty and ended up making it too tight.

All in all this project was a success for me: learning a couple of new techniques, getting to knit a shawl, doing a bit of stash busting (only a bit of orange and brown left!). Now all I can do is hope that someone likes the shawl enough to pay for it!

I was actually so happy with this project, that I have another (two...) on the needles. And 8 more days to knit!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! And such a meaningful project! I am sure it will be gone in no time at a crafts fair!

    1. Thank you so much Alina! I have really enjoyed knitting these shawls, it gives me a feeling of being part of Women's line even if I'm not answering calls on their hotline anymore.


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