Knitting in St. Petersburg

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I lived in St. Petersburg for four years, but trying to fit in and do as the locals do, I did all my yarn shopping in Finland. The only crafts shop I visited back in those days was a Singer shop on Suvorovsky prospekt, and only for emergency needle shopping. Last weekend we visited our old neighborhood and I thought that it would be time to check out a yarn store or two during the trip. I tried to ask for tips of nice LYS in St. Petersburg, but unfortunately the only one mentioned was Manefa, which is located in Pionerskaya and that was a bit off our planned track. After some googling (or actually its Russian version yandexing) I found a LYS right next to Finland station and with a pretty appealing selection of yarns. That's my destination then!

Magia priazi is a nice little LYS and I ended up getting some lovely souvenirs. Nothing Russian, though... They have a nice selection of brands, but unfortunately not in colors I would have liked - except for some lovely Jaipur Silk Fino.

I also got a set of KnitPro needles. This wasn't such a good idea, as it turned out that two of the needles were damaged and KnitPro warranty says that you need to go back to the reseller for replacement. Well, good thing is that Business woman does business in St. Petersburg, so she will get to visit the nice little yarn shop on her next business trip... I liked the KnitPros that I bought in Moscow, but they felt more like wood than this set. To me the needles feel like plastic and I might go back to my old bamboo needles after all.

Can you recommend any other yarn shops in St. Petersburg? 

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  1. I am going to Russia next summer and I am determined to look for knitting shops in St. Petersburg. Unfortunately I don't know any, but I recently did an interview for the blog with an amazing knitter from St. Petersburg and I am sure she will know all the great yarn places out there!

    1. I'm sure she does! Please let me know if you find any lovely shops so I can visit them on my next trip! I was thinking about taking a knitting class with her after reading your interview, but the only knitting word I know in Russian is вязание and that might not be enough for a class. Then again, I could take that as a Russian lesson as well ;) Now that I think of it, I do know the words for needles, wool and silk, I just bought spitsi and sholk from Magiya Pryazi :D


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