Catwoman returns

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Catwoman returns is a hat for a child, for a head circumference of about 52-56 cm [20-22 in.], leaving room to wear a merino wool balaclava underneath. This is a quick knit: start by making two ear flaps, continue with a seed stitch edge, then work in stockinette stitch until desired length and add ears with short rows, finishing with a three needle bind off.

The frontside of the hat is slightly wider than the back for better fit. This will result in decreasing sts during three needle bind off. If this seems too complicated, you can make both sides the same width, casting on 40 sts between the ear flaps on both sides.

Pattern: Catwoman returns (below)
Yarn: Novita 7 veljestä (70 g) or similar aran weight wool yarn 140 m (150 y)
Materials: Size 4 mm (US 6) DPNs, 2 stitch markers
Stitches used: Seed stitch: RS *k1, p1*, repeat; WS *p1, k1*, repeat; seed stitch in the round: Round 1 *k1, p1*, repeat; Round 2 *p1, k1*, repeat; stockinette stitch in the round: knit all sts.
Gauge: 22 stitches and 31 rows = 4 inches in Stockinette stitch


Cast on 5 sts, leaving a tale of about 20 cm (8").
Work in seed stitch. Increase 1 st at the beginning and end of every other row 5 times (15 sts).
Continue until you have a total of 22 rows.
Break yarn and leave sts on one needle. Make another ear flap similarly, but do not break yarn.

Cast on 36 sts to the side of the second ear flap using cable cast on. (Backside of the hat)
Attach first ear flap by knitting its 15 sts. Place marker by the middle st.
Cast on 44 sts and join in the round to second ear flap (front). Place marker by the middle st of the ear flap.
Work in seed stitch with these 110 sts for 10 rounds.

Continue in st st.
After 20 rounds decrease 6 sts evenly.
Continue in st st for 10 rounds. Decrease 6 sts evenly.
Continue for 8 rounds and decrease 6 sts evenly (92 sts).

(Try the hat on at this point to see if the length is ok, and add a couple of rows if necessary.)

Start ear shaping with short rows. If you are not familiar with short rows using wrap & turn (w&t), check out this Knitty tutorial.

K15 sts after marker, w&t.
P30, w&t.
K to 10 sts after marker, w&t.
P20, w&t.
K to 7 sts after marker, w&t.
P14, w&t.
K to second marker, and shape the other ear similarly.
K one round.

Beginning at the marker: K1 (the middle stitch), start three needle bind off (place needles with sts before and after the middle st close to each other, k2tog - one from each needle - and lift previous st over this one). Continue for 13 sts. You have more sts in the front than in the back (exact number varies depending on how you placed the decreases). Mark 14 sts on both sides of the other middle st. Continue binding off the remaining sts so that you decrease the extra sts of the frontside evenly: k3tog by knitting 2 sts from the frontside needle and 1 st from the backside needle. Bind off the remaining 14 sts and end with the middle st.

Weave in the ends. Cut yarn into 4 pieces, about 40 cm (16") in length. Using tapestry needle pull two yarns through the bottom corner of each ear flap, leaving 20 cm (8") on each side. Twist the yarns together to make strands for tying the hat in place. (Alternatively: knit i-cords or crochet a chain). Block the hat and enjoy those winter days!

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