Skerry cardigan in Noro Haniwa

10:31 AM

I made the first version of Skerry cardigan for Troll princess using Noro Haniwa. The yarn is a gorgeous mixture of silk (50%), wool (30%) and nylon (20%). It's variegated and textured, and I think that this kind of yarn calls for a simple design that shows off the beauty of the yarn. I wanted to balance the cardigan with solid color edging, so I chose a matching color in Novita 7 veljestä for a seed stitch edge.

Pattern: Skerry cardigan (prototype)
Yarn: Noro Haniwa, colorway 6 (180 g), Novita 7 veljestä, colorway 661 (66 g)
Needles: 4,5 and 5,5 mm

Young warrior liked his sister's cardigan so much that he wanted one just like it. After the feedback from my test knitters I wanted to make some changes in the pattern, so knitting it again wasn't a problem. For his version I used Isager Aran Tweed. With a different yarn you get a totally different look for the cardigan.

The other day I noticed that Noro Haniwa was on sale, and as I really love the yarn I went ahead and bought all 6 skeins they had left in this colorway. It might not be enough for a cardigan for myself, but let's see what it will turn into.

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