Dubrovnik cardigan

10:38 AM

Knitty Spring+Summer 2016 issue is live! Full of beautiful designs, including one of mine: Dubrovnik cardigan.

This cardigan got its inspiration on a journey along the Adriatic coast of Croatia, Montenegro and Albania in Southeastern Europe. It’s a perfect accessory for an evening by the sea as the sun is setting and a slight breeze makes you want to cover your shoulders.

The cardigan is worked from the top down with raglan yoke shaping. Sleeves are worked flat, then seamed. Simple garter stitch decoration gives this garment a stylishly simple, but elegant feel.

Quince & co Sparrow is my favorite summer yarn: 100 % linen in a gorgeous shiny format. It's also great to knit even when it's hot - guess what yarn I had with me in Cuba? And of course it's lovely to wear. You can check out some pics of my Lehtokerttu top, also knit in Sparrow, in my posts from Cuba and the Adriatic coast. Prove that I also wear my knits!

Pattern: Dubrovnik cardigan 
Yarn: Quince & co Sparrow, colorway Truffle, 347 g
Needles: 3.5 mm 

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  1. Congratulations on the publication!!! So exciting! What a great versatile and perfectly casual cardi!


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