Starling pullover

8:02 AM

Starling is my fourth FO from Helga Isager's "Neuleiden neljä vuodenaikaa" book. It is worked top-down in one piece. Body and sleeves are worked flat and then seamed. An interesting construction, with plenty of good old garter stitch to keep your hands busy while reading something. As with other patterns from the same book, the estimated yardage has some extra - one extra skein of Alpaca 1 and one extra 50 g hank of Spinni. I did make the sleeves shorter than instructed, though. As you can see on the pictures, they are long enough as they are. This patterns requires some attention, as the construction is a bit unusual. As paying attention to patterns is not one of my strengths, there was quite a bit of tinking and unraveling involved, up to a point that the whole project was buried for a couple of months. After returning from Cuba, I noticed that the lovely LYS Kerä is hosting yet another Helga Isager KAL, so there was a deadline that made me pick up the needles again. I'm really happy with the result; I even found perfect buttons for it!

Pattern: Starling by Helga Isager 
Yarn: Isager Spinni in colorway 4 S (99 g) and Isager Alpaca 1 in colorway 23 S (150 g) 
Needles: 2.5 and 3,5 mm

Heute ist wieder RUMS Tag.

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