Ipana Cardigan

4:06 PM

Ipana (”kiddo”) Cardigan is knitted seamlessly from the top down with circular yoke shaping. Sleeves are worked in the round. The yoke features a bubblewrap stitch decoration in multiple colors. It has the look of stranded color work, but it’s knitted with only one color at a time. Choose your favorite colors, or find use for all those scrap yarns! The cardigan has a slim fit (with about 3 cm/1 ¼“ positive ease) so it’s easy to wear as a middle layer and looks cool on its own. Please measure your child’s chest and arm circumference when choosing size, and choose a larger size if in doubt – or to make sure there’s growing space. The top-down construction makes it easy to try it on and modify both body and sleeve lengths if needed.

Pattern: Ipana Cardigan
Yarn: Tukuwool Fingering in colorways Inku (150 g), Empi (11 g), Joku (9 g), Murai (8 g) and Uupo (2 g)
Needles: 3 and 3,5 mm (US 2½ and 4)

One of the best parts of knitting this cardigan was choosing the colors. And while I was waiting for my test knitters to work on their cardigans, I couldn't help but try a couple of other Tukuwool color combos. As soon as I find a 2-year-old model, I'll share more pics with you!

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