U-Turn socks

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I know I said never again after finishing Tour-de-sock, but then I got my hands on New directions in sock knitting, a book by Ann Budd. I believe I started four sock projects that week. The first one that I finished was this pair of U-Turn socks by General Hogbuffer.

Pattern: U-Turn by General Hogbuffer
Yarn: Nordlys by Viking of Norway, colorways 934 (41 g) and 962 (52 g)
Needles: 2.5 mm (US 1 1/2)

I had bought this Nordlys yarn from Trondheim last summer with the idea of making rag rug socks - you know, striping two gradient yarns. Well, that's basically what this pattern is also about, so it was time to get those souvenirs on the needles. The pattern is not your basic striped sock, though. You start from the back leg, working in a u-turn shape halfway around the leg, then switch to the front and knit from cuff down to toes. Finally, you pick up stitches for the ribbing (that was supposed to be knitted with twisted stitches, but I kinda missed that part. Could have been partly on purpose.)

The yarn is not your regular sock yarn. It has a mohairy look and feel, but it's a regular superwash wool (75%) - nylon (25%) mix. To me that says sock yarn, so I thought I'd give it a try. It takes a bit more concentration to knit than a regular sock yarn, but the socks actually feel pretty good. I was a bit afraid that the unorthodox construction combined with this yarn might not produce a well-fitting end result, but I'm happy to say I was wrong - the socks fit perfectly!

Heute ist wieder RUMS tag!

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