Bubblewrap stitches in Mesmeria Dress

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I have recently used bubblewrap stitches in several designs: Pastilles Hat, Ipana Cardigan and Mesmeria Dress. It's a nice way to add what looks like stranded knitting with a bit of texture - and only working with one color at a time. Knotions magazine published a tutorial for bubble stitches and it's really worth it to have a look if you are not familiar with the technique. The stitch is also known as Drop, Ladder, Knit (DLK). I was happy to read that my pattern was in the top 5 for the January issue of Knotions - maybe it was the bubble stitch!

Bubble stitch tutorial in Knotions

Knitting for babies is always a pleasure: whatever you knit, it won't take much time and you get a cute result. So when I heard that we'd be visiting a friend who had a baby last summer, I wanted to knit something for her. I included a baby size for the Mesmeria pattern that I published in November, so I decided to make a mini version of the dress. One of my test knitters used a gradient yarn for her dress, and I wanted to see how that would look like. I had just enough pink-purple Nordlys left from my U-turn sock project that all I needed was a main color for the dress.

Pattern: Mesmeria Dress
Yarn: Viking of Norway Nordlys 962 (36 g) and Filcolana Arwetta classic white (43 g)
Needles: 3,5 mm (US 4)

I like the way the dress looks totally different from the first one I knitted in red and brown. And I love the little pink butterfly buttons that I found for this dress!

It's CreaDienstag.

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