Pastilles Hat

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Knotions January 2017 issue is out, featuring 14 patterns for accessories. My Pastilles Hat is one of them.

Pastilles Hat features rows of candy, created with bubblewrap stitches. The technique creates an illusion of stranded work without the trouble of working with two yarns at a time. Dig into your stash and find those little bits of leftover yarn in your favorite candy colors! Folded brim keeps your ears warm without making the rest of the hat too thick.

Pattern: Pastilles Hat 
Yarn: Tukuwool Fingering (100% wool; 213 yards (195 meters) / 50 grams): 10 Rae (MC), 110 m/120 yards; 8 Taate, (CC1), 15 Murai (CC2), 20 meters/yards each; 20 Futo (CC3), 10 meters/yards. Needles: 3,5 mm (US 4) and 3 mm (US 2 1/2) 

Business Woman liked the hat so much, that she asked if she could keep it after the photo shoot. Not too long after that she left it on a long distance bus in Estonia, when returning from our trip to Saaremaa. When discussing this with my 5-year-old Troll Princess, I realised that the little girl is pretty aware of what this knitwear design thing is all about. After asking how did Business Woman loose the hat, her second question was: "Did you take pictures of it before she lost it?!". Well, I did, and I told Business Woman that it didn't matter that she lost it. But it did matter to her, and I quote: "It is the best hat ever! I really want it back!". So after doing her business in Tallinn she called the bus company and went back to the bus station to get her hat back.

I hope you will all enjoy this pattern and make best hats ever with it!

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