Tour-de-Sock, Stage 3: Indecisions

11:20 AM

Third stage in Tour-de-Sock included lace and cables and many options. Picot cuff or ribbing, decorative heel or Eye of Partridge, and even more options if you are not competing: ribbed or patterned instep. First choice is yarn, of course, and for me there were only two options: wildly variegated dark green or this pink with gray and white tones. The reason for only two options was that we were visiting my sister and I only packed these two. The pattern was published at midnight on Friday, but I decided to go to bed early and then to wake up early to get started before everyone else gets up.

Pattern: Indecisions by Adrienne Fong
Yarn: Handu Perussukkalanka (78 g)
Needles: 2,5 mm (US 1 1/2)

After seeing the pattern, the choice of yarn was obvious, because the pattern would not have been visible with the darker and more variegated colorway. And after choosing this pink to work with, it was also pretty obvious that I would choose the picot cuff. Choosing the picot cuff and working the decorative heel would give a bonus point in the competition, so that was my heel choice then. Another reason for choosing the picot cuff was that with ribbing you were supposed to use German twisted cast on, and as I wasn't familiar with the technique, I figured it would be faster to work the picot cuff. Although, I have to admit that I'm not sure if I've ever done a picot edge either, but it's pretty straight forward and basically the same thing as in the Kanteletar socks of the previous stage, only the purl round is changed to k2tog, yo.

Unfortunately, there was a mistake in the pattern version that I was using. This meant that I knitted 36 rows of heel flap instead of 26. I did wonder if it was really meant that you do a cable cross on last row before the heel turn, and obviously this would have been the point where you check the TdS forum for updates. I didn't, as the instructions tell you to trust the pattern, and the help thread is so long that it would have taken forever to see if someone had asked about this. This resulted in a pair of socks with too big heels, so whoever uses these socks will have to walk on those last cables... I was hoping to have a gift sock stash after this Tour-de-Sock, so I could simply pick up a pair when a present is needed, but I don't think I can give these to anyone.

Weekend at my sister's was great, and I did get some knitting time here and there: in a park, on the bus, at a museum (I did check the exhibitions with Young Warrior, but when he wanted to inspect the exhibits at the Game museum more thoroughly I took the opportunity to sit down and knit). Now, this pattern isn't exactly optimal for on-the-go knitting: it looks easy enough to memorize by taking one look at it, but it isn't. That meant a lot of time wasted correcting mistakes. More time was wasted with the extra work on the heels and I only finished the socks on Sunday evening after returning home. That meant finishing 72nd.

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