Tour-de-Sock, Stage 4: Mosaic Marbles

3:36 PM

Mosaic knitting is something that was expected and feared on Tour-de-Sock. When stage 4 pattern was released, there was a collective sigh of relief: it's a lovely pattern! This pattern makes great use of mosaic knitting: you couldn't really achieve the same result with stranded knitting.

Pattern: Mosaic Marbles Socks by Kirsten Hall
Yarn: Handu Merino Sock (Pink 41 g, Gray 21 g)
Needles: 2,5 mm (US 1 1/2)

This time the pattern was released at 6 AM, so I thought that if I'm ever going to get socks done in one go, this would be the timing for that. I can't stay up late and I can't knit if I'm tired, so any round that begins in the afternoon or evening (or night) means that I will eventually give up and go to bed. This time, I persisted until midnight and got the socks done! For the last hour, I was so tired that I would have normally given up and gone to bed, but as I was already knitting the toes I decided to stay up and finish the socks.

So, it took me 18 hours to knit this pair of socks. The only breaks that I took were lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to realize that I'm not a very fast knitter. The winner finished 9 hours earlier! Apparently, I get a lot done because I knit all the time, it's not that I was a fast knitter. I did finish 17th this round, so sticking to it did get me the best ranking so far, but I still can't believe that I needed double the time that the top 10 used for their socks. Oh well, as I know now that I can't compete for the top rankings I won't need to knit another pair in one go. Because that's crazy. Who would sit on a couch for 18 hours to knit a pair of socks?!

Unfortunately, blocking didn't even out my slipped stitches like I was hoping for. I'm still happy with these socks: I think the neon pink looks good and the smallest 60 stitch size turned into a women's medium size with my loose knitting.

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