Kässäkerho Pom Pom SUPERviikonloppu 2017

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Kässäkerho Pom Pom organized the second SUPERweekend in Kuopio on October 27-29, 2017. The weekend was filled with knitting, yarn shopping, workshops, and hanging out with old and new knitting friends.

There were yarns by Lanitium ex Machina, KVG Woolworks, Petrichor Yarns and Lystig Yarn. KVG Woolworks had even dyed a new colorway called Kuopio, inspired by lake Kallavesi, Puijo forest and the concrete walls of Anttila. There were trunk shows by Anna Johanna (Neulisti of Where we once knitted blog) and myself. Workshops included brioche knitting, lace knitting and sock blank painting. I would have loved to try the sock blank workshop, but it was sold out right away so I'll have to wait for next year and be faster with booking my classes!

This year, the festival moved to bigger premises, and with great location right next to the railway station and more room for the knitting lounge and shopping, I'd say it was a good change.

My contribution to the festival was the Liinu Shawl in Kässäkerho Pom Pom's Merino Singles, and it was lovely to hear all the nice feedback for the design. It was not the only design for the festival, though, as Susanna Winter had a collaboration with Petrichor Yarn and their Tears in Rain shawl was at Petrichor Yarn booth. I extended my trunk show to Lanitium ex Machina's table with the Tauride Shawl and to Lystig Yarn table with the Flying Jib Shawl.

Saturday evening was knit night at Hygge Bro, a nice new restaurant by the market square. There was a knitting bingo, but, unfortunately and despite our efforts, we were not among the first three to get a bingo. We had lots of fun that night anyway, and enjoyed our goodie bags that included some lovely yarn samples and new Kässäkerho Pom Pom postcards.

Having returned from Oslo Strikkefestival with a suitcase full of yarn I tried to keep my hands off the yarns this weekend. I had to get the special Kuopio colorway from KVG Woolworks, though, even if it is a mixture of wool, cotton, nylon and silk. I'm not sure what I would use a cotton mix yarn for, but the skein was so pretty that I might just enjoy it as it is. Another surprise purchase was this Merino Single Bling from Petrichor Yarns: the bling is not my thing, but this beautiful colorway reminds me of a winter night sky with the bling bling as stars. Two balls of Isager Alpaca 1 from Kässäkerho Pom Pom are needed for a new design.

Thank you for organising such a lovely event again, Liinu! Now that this event has been organised twice it's a tradition, and you can count me in next year also!

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