Tiger Flower Prototype

2:52 PM

My Tiger Flower design was published by Quince & co recently, and you can see my sample shawl that was knitted in Quince & co Tern in the pattern pictures. This was not the first version of the shawl, however. I often work with "full size swatches", meaning that I knit a prototype first. Of course, I make smaller swatches and, usually, even write the instructions beforehand. Still, there are things that you only notice from a full-size sample, and then you have to either rip and re-knit, live with the flaws, or knit a new one. In this case, I knew that I wanted more stitches for the brioche pattern, but this first sample looked good enough as it is. As I agreed to knit the sample for the pattern in Quince & co's yarns, there was no need to rip and re-knit this one, so I simply kept this one as a prototype and knitted the sample with all the improvements that I wanted in the design.

Pattern: Tiger Flower (prototype)
Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light, colorways Badlands (86 g) and Deep (93 g)
Needles: 5 mm (US 8)

Actually, I didn't get to keep this prototype after all. My mom happened to see it and made it very clear that she would like to have a shawl like that, and that solved the issue of finding a gift for Mother's Day. Not my mom in the pictures here, though.

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