Yarn Shopping in Oslo

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Obviously, one of the highlights of Oslo Strikkefestival was the marketplace and all the lovely yarn there. However, I had some extra days in Oslo, and of course that meant more yarn shopping! I had asked for some recommendations of lovely yarn shops, and I was advised to visit Værbitt and Pickles. I also heard that there are nice souvenirs at the Heimen Husfliden yarn shop at GlasMagasinet, so that got on my list also.

Pickles is located in Grünerløkka, at Markeveien 56. They have a lovely selection of yarns, mostly their own Pickles brand. I found it very difficult to resist these rows full of color, and ended up getting a colorwork cardigan quantity of their Pickles Merino Tweed. I should have taken the above picture before getting my yarns off the shelf, though!

Værbitt is a lovely little shop of children's books and hand-dyed yarn. It's located in Tøyen at Sørligata 46, which is within a walking distance from Pickles. The yarns were organised on the shelves by color instead of the normal brand/type categorisation. This really makes the shop look awesome! It might be slightly more difficult to plan colorwork if different colorways are found at opposite sides of the shop, but it's a small shop so it shouldn't be that difficult.

Heimen Husfliden is located at the bottom floor of GlasMagasinet at Stortorvet 9. It has the largest selection of yarns of these three shops. They have all the popular Norwegian brands: Rauma, Sandnes, Du Store Alpakka, etc. There was also a wall filled with rya yarns, and I did feel tempted to get a rya rug amount of them after my ryaknuter class, but somehow some voice of sanity in my head told me to practice with scrap yarns first. And maybe start with something smaller than a large wall hanging. Ryas were mentioned in the evening news just the other day, by the way: how they have become popular again and how people are learning to make them or hunt for old ones from flea markets. Maybe it's too late to make one now?

I had been wanting to knit a colorwork cardigan since the steeking class that I took earlier this year. With all the possible shades of Rauma Finullgarn, I was able to find the combination I wanted for the Cherry Bloom cardigan by Lene Tøsti. At the Strikkefestival I noticed so many Siri cardigans by Linnea Öhman, that I ended up buying yarn for that as well. I learned about a charity initiative going on in Norway at that time, #Oransjeskjerf ("Orange Scarf"), and as I saw a box of the orange yarns at Heimen Husfliden, I decided to buy these charity scarf yarns as well. And I got a skein of the lovely hand dyed mohair at Værbitt. And a gradient Kauni for no apparent reason (it's not even Norwegian, so it doesn't count as a souvenir). But then again, do you always need a reason to buy yarn? With these additions to my Strikkefestival purchases, I think I made good use of the piece of checked-in luggage that was included in my flight ticket!

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