Indie Design Gift-A-Long 2017

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It's Indie Design Gift-A-Long time again! This year we have 311 participating designers from 31 countries. All participating designers have selected 10-20 of their patterns, which are offered at a 25% discount for the first week of the GAL (Nov 21-28) - a total of 5327 discounted patterns! You can check out my offers here. Use coupon code "giftalong2017".

The fun doesn't end at the sale, though! The GAL starts with the sale period, but the event itself lasts until Dec 31. There is a very lively forum on Ravelry with discussion about the knitting, of course, but there is much more going on: random prizes, designer trivia, etc. I received several inquiries after my recent Instagram giveaway as people wanted to purchase my "Do you speak my language?" tote bag, and I can hint that participating in the GAL would give you a chance to win one! And there is more: yarn, books, patterns, stitch markers, project bags, etc. All non-free patterns by all participating designers are eligible to win prizes; you have more than 18 000 patterns to choose from.

This year, there is something new in the GAL: an Instagram challenge! Check out these prompts and use them on your IG posts, or simply use #giftalong2017 and #GAL2017 for all GAL-related posts. You can connect with other GAL participants and designers, and see what everyone else's gift knitting looks like.

For me, the GAL is not so much about selling my own patterns, as it is about joining the fun and finding new designers whose patterns I'd like to knit. The only difficult thing is to limit my plans so that I can finish all my projects by the end of the GAL! I'll write another post about my own knitting plans, and you can expect that when the IG prompt says "Making a list". I'd love to hear what you are planning to make! If you like to shop local, you can look at the map of participating designers and see who lives near you - or maybe you'd like to see what kind of a collection someone from the other part of the world has? For my Finnish readers I can tell that there are 5 other participating designers from Finland: Annina Päivärinta (Artesanitarium), Pauliina Karru (Lina Knits), Anna Johanna (Neulisti), Susanna Winter (Talvi Knits), and Meiju K-P (Meiju Knits).

Please note that the GAL runs in US EST time zone, so all dates depend on your time zone. For example, in practice, the sale period in Finland is Nov 22-28.

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