Gift-A-Long 2017 Knitting Plans

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For me, the most exciting part of Indie Design Gift-A-Long is to see who are all the participating designers! In my previous post, I listed the other Finnish designers, and if you follow me on Instagram you have seen some of my IG friends who are participating as a designer for the first time. Today's GAL Instagram challenge theme is Makin' a list, so I'm going to share what I'm planning to knit.

Some of these I've had in my knitting queue for some time already, and I was only hoping to see the designers on the list so the patterns would be eligible for the GAL. Some of the patterns I only found after the GAL started.

Starting from top right and going clockwise, the first one is Karalee Harding's Crooked Lines cowl. This is something I'm going to knit for myself, in a lovely hand-dyed merino silk by Lanitium ex Machina. This is a special skein that has been waiting for the right pattern! Casting on already taught me something new: Moebius cast on.

Natalia Sha's Mountain Ash will give me the opportunity to add beads to something else than socks. I'm going to see if the pattern would work in three colors, starting with the burgundy, followed by the variegated one and ending with blue and blue beads.

Diagon Alley socks by Dana Gervais look like they would be fun to knit, and that is always a bonus if you have to knit socks. In this case, I noticed that Young Warrior needs socks, and as he needs them before Christmas I can't take the easy way and ask my sister to knit them for him as a present. So if it must be socks, it might as well be wild socks! Although, my color scheme is going to be moderate compared to Dana's pattern pictures.

You Wear It Well by Mary Annarella is something for me again, using my recent stash addition from Oslo Strikkefestival. I hope alpaca works as a material for this design. For such a major project, I have even wet blocked my swatch.

Then there's a little UnCrabby Crab by cheezombie on my list. I have been looking for a cute crab pattern so I could knit a crab for my brother-in-law who collects crab toys. Let's hope that he doesn't read my knitting blog so it will be a surprise!

Business Woman asked if I could knit a hat for her; something like the Circular Reference that she liked a lot, but which ended up on Young Warrior's head. "I'd like to have a hat that's made of your luxury yarns" she said. I hope Eden Cottage Yarns Oakworth DK is luxurious enough for her - my stash is not very comprehensive in the DK section. I would have loved to knit another Circular Reference hat, but as it was GAL time, I decided to knit someone else's design for a change. After a lot of searching we decided on the Evanlyn Hat by Kaitlyn Yeager. It had to fit tight, no slouchiness, and it had to look interesting to knit, and be a new designer for me. I think we finally found a good pattern to match all requirements.

The ultimate GAL challenge is "Taming the Opadoo", which means that you knit something from each of the 8 categories in the GAL. With these 6 projects I would get pretty far, and would only need to add a baby item and something for hands. I do feel tempted to give the Opadoo a try one day, but I think that my choice of patterns will be different then! I don't think that I'll have enough time to finish all these projects by the end of the year, but I'm not going to let it stop me.

Photo credits in the collage go to respective designers.

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