Tiger Flower, Take 3

10:34 AM

I'm super happy with the positive response to my Tiger Flower design for Quince & co, thank you so much! I have to say that I have been enjoying knitting this pattern so much, too, that I have knitted three versions already. The first prototype went to my mom, and the sample to Quince, so I wanted to knit this one for myself.

Pattern: Tiger Flower
Yarn: La Bien Aimee Merino Singles in Peche Mignon (84 g) and Lystig Yarn Merino Singles in November Rain (84 g)
Needles: 4,5 mm (US 7)

The third time of knitting this design was almost all pleasure and no work. Almost, as in that I couldn't just knit along, but had to follow the pattern. I have shown this shawl at trunk shows, and I also wanted to re-check the pattern, so I forced myself to count stitches and make sure it confirmed with the instructions. Normally, I just knit away and don't care too much about stitch counts.

As you can see from this "wrong side" detail, the shawl is reversible: you can tell a difference in the brioche pattern if you look closely, but it looks good on both sides.

It's RUMS day!

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