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Taito magazine issue 3/2018 includes my Kaiku wrap pattern, among all the other lovely crafts ideas, instructions and articles. Kaiku wrap is an easy introduction to lace, with simple eyelet rows and eyelet mesh creating a striking end result. This wrap is easy to knit, but it will keep you interested with its unusual construction. It’s that relaxing project you want to pick up after a long day at work, comforting you on the couch with its simple, repetitive knitting. Kaiku wrap has a rectangular shape. It is worked from both ends towards the center. Once both sides have reached the center they are joined by knitting the remaining triangles outward from the center.

Pattern: Kaiku
Yarn: Lanitium ex Machina Alpaca Silk Linen, 163 g
Needles: 3,5 mm (US 4)

This project is a collaboration with Lanitium ex Machina. When Sonja from Taito asked if I could design a shawl for Taito using a Finnish indie dyer's yarns, I already had this design in mind, and I knew that Lanitium ex Machina's Alpaca Silk Linen (50%/25%/25%) would be a perfect base for it. Lanitium's Nea agreed to participate in this project, and she dyed this special colorway just for Kaiku.

All photos: Taito/Sonja Karlsson

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