Scrap Buster Kaiku

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My Kaiku wrap was published in Taito magazine issue 3/2018. It was a collaboration with Lanitium ex Machina, and I used their Alpaca Silk Linen for the sample. While I was waiting for Nea to dye the yarn, I worked on a prototype using WalkCollection Linea that has the same fiber content. Unfortunately, I only had 1.5 skeins of Linea left from a previous project (prototype for my Sylphide design) and I noticed that it wouldn't be enough for the wrap. As I was in a hurry to get the pattern tested, I had to ask my test knitters to work with a picture of the prototype at a point where I ran out of yarn. Thanks to the talented test knitting crew, they were able to finish their projects with the picture below and I only finished knitting the sample after test knitting.

So I had the pattern and sample finished and sent to Taito, and I was left with the prototype that no one was going to be able to use. As Mother's Day was approaching, I started thinking about a gift for my mother. I remembered that I had half a skein of Linea left from my Sylphide sample, and also some leftovers from the Kaiku sample. One of my test knitters worked her Kaiku in two gradient sets,  striping the eyelet sections in contrasting colors and that's where I got the idea to use all these scrap yarns to make a striped Kaiku.

Pattern: Kaiku
Yarn: WalkCollection Linea in colorways Strawberry Cheesecake (96 g) and Cosmic Chaos (33 g) and Lanitium ex Machina Alpaca-Linen-Silk (27 g)
Needles: 3,5 mm (US 4)

With this many stripes, there's a huge amount of ends to weave in. It was a good thing that I had the Mother's Day deadline so I had to get it done. I think it was worth the effort, though, and, of course, I'm also super happy for finding use for those scrap yarns!

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