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It never occured to me to do an inventory of my unfinished projects, until I started documenting them on Instagram. Excluding those whose status is "discontinued", the list is still quite long. The first one is only a sketch with an idea for the yarn, but let's exclude that for now. Starting from the latest additions, Peippo cardigan for Troll Princess is so far only a drawing and two skeins of Noro Haniwa yarn:

Haapana pullover is made of Malabrigo lace. Front is almost done, back started.

Peltosirkku cowl is going to get frogged. Not because it doesn't look nice, but because the size is not good. I know that normal people make small swatches, but why not use four balls of yarn in your swatch?!

With Haarapääsky cardigan I'm knitting the sleeves already. However, I'm still thinking about the stripes. Novita Puro Batik is a striped yarn, and with the front and back pieces knitted as one piece the stripes are rather thin. On the upper back you can see what the stripes would look like if the front and back pieces were knitted separately. So I'm thinking about frogging the whole thing and starting over...

Keltasirkku vest is knitted of Novita wool, which is 100 % wool and will thus be rather warm to wear. That's why it was put on hold last spring, but then I forgot to knit it for the winter... The back is done, cables in the front take some time.

 1,5 years ago we bought a new couch, and I started knitting this blanket for it. The Isosirri blanket is something I pick up when watching TV, so it might take another 1,5 years to finish. Or longer. I don't really watch TV anymore... And it's too big to take with me to the library or some other meetings.

Then there are these three pieces that I had completely forgotten about. Or at least forgotten that they were all knitted and just waiting for finishing. The Kuukkeli vest was probably put on hold because I thought that I ran out of yarn. The good thing about this project inventory is that I found two more balls of that yarn! Then again, it might be that I didn't feel like getting up to pick up more yarn from the closet and started doing something else, forgetting all about the vest. Since I can't remember how long it's been on hold, it might be a good idea to measure if it still fits Young Warrior who's supposed to be wearing it.

The next one was started back in 2013 when pastels were the thing for the spring. Unfortunately we also moved back to Finland in 2013 and I never got around to unpack the boxes of yarns and UFOs. The pieces of Allihaahka top have been waiting for finishing for two years... The problem with this one was that I wanted to add some flowers to the front, but they didn't turn out nice, so the whole thing was put away. I might want to finish this without the flowers now.

I don't always design what I knit, sometimes I try a pattern written by someone else and only slightly modify. The last one is purple pullover from Novita winter 2012 magazine. This one might have been in the making since winter 2012, but now that I found it and realized that it's all knitted I will go ahead and finish it.

That makes a total of nine unfinished objects. You need to have a couple of projects going on simultaneously, though, because there are different kinds of knitting situations. Most demanding is reading: that requires so much concentration that anything beyond ribbing is too complicated. Then for knitting in public you need to have something small enough to carry around. And the rest you can do while watching TV. If you don't watch much TV, then that part kind of piles up, as it includes the blocking and seaming of the pieces knitted on other occasions. Finally, there's the design part, which really requires all your attention, so you can't do it while doing anything else.

The plan is to share the progress of these babies with you! I think cutting down to half of this would be a good goal, but I kind of like this spread from plans to almost finished items. Let's see what happens.

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