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11:09 AM

During my short online presence in the knitting world I have already discovered quite a few things that I've never tried, but that seem to be pretty popular. As a note to self - try these:

1. Top down knitting. You know what, I honestly had never heard of knitting pullovers top down, and I'm still not quite sure why that would be better than knitting bottom up. Therefore, I'd better give it a try!

2. Along the same lines: socks knitted toe up. Actually, I don't think the flat toe looks so nice, but as this is something that I also haven't tried, I'm gonna do it just to see how it goes.

3. Shawls. This one I share with Of course she knits who is also new in the online knitting world. What's with the shawls? I never see anyone wear shawls, so do you just knit them for the fun of knitting? I'm definitely going to knit a couple of them. Maybe Quicksilver and then something lace. I keep seeing pictures of Quicksilver, and can't figure out how it was knitted. It just might have to be the first pattern that I buy.

4. Three needle bindoff. Picot edge. I was looking for a dictionary of English knitting vocabulary and found these Learn-to-knit instructions. It seems that there are some really basic(?) things that I've never tried. Also the ways of sewing things together look different from the way I was taught to do it. Then there are row (or whatever) markers. Those I'm not going to try before someone explains to me why they would be useful. Aren't they just extra work, moving them around?

5. Linen. The first four items on my list could be explained by the little engineer in me who wants to try new techniques and see how things are compiled in three dimensions, but this one can't be explained. I really want to knit something linen.

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  1. I know, right!

    First of all, linen is for some reason divine. I can't explain it, although possibly the children's book "Kuinka myyrä sai housut" has got something to do with it.

    As for the stitch markers, having recently learned how to ACTUALLY use them I've concluded they might actually be useful, after all (well, for example, when knitting in the round you might want to know where the beginning of the round is. And also on some other occasions it's been rather handy.) Here, in Finnish, on how to use them, and how not to use them:

    1. Well, I haven't even tried to use the stich markers; when knitting in the round you see the beginning of the round from the yarn that's hanging from it.

      What I have recently learned is how to subscribe to blogs so I can follow your blog from now on without trying to remember the URL and randomly checking for new posts! And Myyrä, yes, that must be it :D


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