Just-in-Time knitting

7:42 PM

About a week ago I realized that it was the day my friend was due to have a baby. And I hadn't even started to knit anything for the baby! Luckily I had some lovely forest green Novita wool that I knew was going to be left over from another project (Kuukkeli vest for Young warrior), so time to cast on. There's a baby hat that I've knit many times and both of my kids have used these hats, so it's a good baby gift to knit. I was a bit worried about finding a baby hat in my house, as my youngest is turning four, but luckily I noticed that the instructions are printed on the Wool band.

The hat is a quick knit as it's only garter stich and a small piece. I found one sock to use as a pattern for the socks. Still no baby news the following night, so blocking and casting on the first sock.

It doesn't take long to knit a pair of mini socks, and as there was the constant pressure to finish, I even managed to sew the seams and weave in the ends. Last night I washed the pieces and this morning I got a message: a little baby boy was born this morning! Just-in-time knitting.

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