Allihaahka tunic

5:34 PM

Good things come from this blogging thing - like going through my WIP inventory and actually finishing something! I started the Allihaahka tunic a couple of years ago, and then found it when doing an inventory of my UFOs. All that was needed was blocking and sewing the tunic together, so I finally managed to do that. In case you would like to knit something similar, the pattern is available on Ravelry in English and in Finnish. The tunic has an A line shape, set in sleeves and color work both in the front and back. You could also knit it with the stripes only in the front and back all gray.

Yarn: Novita Kaste
Needles: 3,5 mm

Novita Kaste is a cotton (85 %) and viscose (15 %) mix with a slightly shiny finishing. I used 5 gray balls and a bit of peach and white for the stripes.

Photoshoot location: EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art

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  1. Looking good! Great pics too. I might need one of those.

    1. Many thanks, dear! But if you want one I have to make a smaller size pattern :P


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