Knit along! Linen, summer top and Lemon KALs

9:15 AM

First, there was Sparrow. Quince & co organic linen, shiny and lovely and turning into a design in my mind. After the Lehtokerttu design was on paper, it was time to get the yarns from Kerä, the LYS where I spotted the yarn. And then just cast on!

I had read about KALs, but never participated. Then I noticed that Quince & co was hosting a linen KAL - as I was knitting my Sparrow top! The KAL had started in April already, and the deadline was approaching on June 8th, but hey, deadlines are great, they give purpose to life, right?

So there I am, knitting along, when I notice another KAL: Tops, tanks and tees KAL by Very Shannon. Now can you participate in two KALs with the same knit? Maybe they'll disqualify me from both, but I thought that I'll go ahead and give it a try. And the best thing with this second KAL for my Lehtokerttu top: the deadline moved to June 3rd, so those needles better be moving!

Of course, this is the point when you get the front done, and notice that it's too small in every direction. So to make making the deadline a bit more challenging, I frogged the whole thing and started from the beginning. There's still almost a week to go, so no panic...

Then I read that Kerä is hosting a Lemon-KAL. This KAL has a specific pattern, Helga Isager's Lemon, which happens to be pretty awesome in that a) it's pretty and b) has some new things I haven't tried before (sideways stitches and front panel construction). The good thing is that the deadline is in July, so there's plenty of time for knitting here. So I'm going to take this as a learning experience and follow someone else's pattern for a change. Unless I need to modify it at some point...

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  1. I also joined Very Shannon's KAL, but I am afraid I won't be able to finish it by time. My day job is taking so much time right now! The color of this yarn is so so so delicious - you have a great eye!

    1. The schedule was tight, but as it was my first KAL I put some extra effort in it and managed to finish on time! I love this yarn, I have one skein left and now I'm thinking about what to do with that.


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