Purple lace pullover for Business woman

1:19 PM

Is there a limit to how much you can knit for yourself? Well, about two years ago I thought that it might be time to knit something for someone else. If that someone else is not a knitter or a designer, it is easier to pick a pattern from a magazine than to design something yourself. In this case, it was even difficult to get Business woman to understand that you can change the color from the original version, let alone modify the pattern. We did manage to find something that she kind of liked, though, and then found an interesting colour from the yarn store. The pattern is "Naisen pitsineulepusero" from Novita Winter 2012 collection. The original pattern has 3/4 sleeves and no trimmings on the edges, but I knit the sleeves in full length and added garter stich trimmings to sleeves and hem.

The back is knit stich all the way, so it was quickly finished while reading. At the time I was working from home in St Petersburg, so any Skype meetings with my colleagues would provide the opportunity to work on the lace parts. Unfortunately, we moved back to Finland before the poor pullover was finished, and it got buried in some box for a year or so. I did find it again at some point and the sleeves were transferred to my knitting basket. I would knit them between other projects, and then put away again. When I started this blog, I did an inventory of all my projects and noticed that I had actually knitted all pieces of this pullover and it was only waiting for finishing.

Last weekend I finally got around to do some blocking and then it was just about sewing the pieces together, knitting the collar and weaving in ends. Here you are, Business woman! A nice woollen pullover for the summer, eh...

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  1. I bet Business woman is thrilled! Looks really good, the lace pattern is nice! And also, who doesn't want a nice woollen pullover for summer, it is Finland we're talking about.

    Mostly, though, I love it that you too knit while reading. And while on the phone. And so on.

    1. What does it tell about us that we knit while doing something else? That we can't concentrate on one thing at a time? That we feel obligated to be productive at all times?! Or that we just love knitting..?

    2. Personally, the first and the last. I feel absolutely no obligation to be productive at all times - see, here I am, at the office, not being productive :D


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