Betua Hat and Mittens

1:30 PM

Betua Mittens and Hat are knitted with one main color and three gradient contrasting colors used in the background. The design features a birch leaf pattern in two-color brioche stitch, where the second color changes using all three gradient colors. The background for the brioche birch leaves is knitted in two-color garter stitch: every other round in main color and every other round in contrasting color.

Yarn: Riihivilla Aarni natural dyed green (76 g) and orange selection (50 g)
Needles: 3,5 and 4 mm

This is one of those patterns that were inspired by the yarn. The lovely gradient set of Aarni by Riihivilla made me think of autumn leaves, and that became the brioche part: birch leaves, with autumn colors in the background. Betua is Gaulish for birch. You could also try a self-striping yarn in the background, or simply use two contrasting colors.

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