Kässäkerho Pom Pom SUPERviikonloppu

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This weekend has been filled with knitting, yarn shopping, meeting new people and talking about my designs. Kässäkerho Pom Pom SUPERviikonloppu in Kuopio, that is. I released my Circular Reference Hat and Cowl pattern on Friday, and SUPERweekend visitors got a free download code for the pattern. I brought the hat and cowl, along with several other samples to Kuopio. I was happy to see many knitters try on the Wigeon sweater, and it was nice to discuss the patterns with them. On Saturday evening there was a party, and the lovely Liinu of Kässäkerho Pom Pom interviewed me about my designer career.

There were also many samples from other designers and knitters. Behind the wall there was workshop area where you could admire sock blanks being painted. Other courses were about brioche knitting and working cables.

Naturally, there was also a corner dedicated to knitting and it was nice to take a break and work on a sample of a new design while chatting with other knitters.

One of the main attractions of the weekend were all the shopping opportunities. I bought a pair of lovely Pom Pom earrings that I had admired on Instagram earlier. We also received a little goodie bag with mini skeins and a Pom Pom needle gauge. And then I bought some yarn.

Liina recently told me that with the amount of socks I've been knitting lately, I'm not allowed to say that I'm not a sock knitter. So I decided to give in big time and haul these autumn shades from KVG Woolworks table. I see more socks in my near future!

On Lanitium ex Machina's table I couldn't take my eyes off of this gorgeous Merino Tussah in colorway La Reina. Black pearl should work with it.

Leeni recently started selling yarns that she dyes under Lystig yarns brand and shoppers wouldn't let her take a break even during the party in the evening. Look at these babies, and you can understand why!

The best part of the weekend was meeting yarn dyers and yarn producers, though. Stay tuned for news on that front!

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  1. Kuulostaa superhauskalle viikonlopulle!

    1. Kyllä vaan! Toivottavasti tapahtumalle seuraa jatkoa, voin nimittäin suositella Kuopion retkeä tämän takia :)


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