Frida's Flowers Blanket

3:26 PM

Last summer I spent quite a few evenings crocheting by the playground. And crocheting quite a bit elsewhere, too! Frida's Flowers Blanket was originally published as a CAL in 8 fortnightly instalments, but I only joined in when others were already on block 6 or something. Still, I enjoyed starting every new block: by the time it starts to get boring you start with something new again! I had been wanting to crochet a patchwork blanket for some time already, but I was hesitating whether I wanted granny squares in the house. When I saw this pattern, I knew that it was so over the top, that it could actually look nice (I've heard contradictory opinions already, though). And what is more important, crocheting was so much fun as the motif changes every 4-8 pieces!

Pattern: Frida's Flowers Blanket by Jane Crowfoot
Yarn: Drops Muskat (100% cotton)
Hook: 3,5 and 4,0 mm

Our balcony is decorated more in a minimalistic than in this kind of extravaganza style (check out my previous balcony crochet project), but that's also the reason why I think one multicolour flower blanket fits in. We'll see next summer, for now it's too cold to sit outside, even with the heater on.

I followed the instructions for most parts. After the first round or so I stopped switching between 3,5 and 4 mm hooks, as I thought that blocking would do the trick of making the pieces same size. Which it did. The only real modification was that I added more colors to the edging. I wanted to use up as much of the yarns as possible, but I think I'll be making some amigurumis in the future as there's still a bag full of bright colour cottons in my stash...

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  1. Replies
    1. Joo, tässä on kyllä suunnittelija käyttänyt tovin erilaisten tilkkujen miettimiseen!

  2. Oh my!!! I am speechless! This is truly spectacular!

    1. The designer did an awesome job! It's so much fun to crochet and everything fits together.

  3. Nuo väriyhdistelmät on todella mykistävän hyvät. Tuo pieni kolmiulotteisuus vielä todella toimii. Kerrassaan upea.

    1. Kiitos! Dropsilta löytyi yllättävän hyvin alkuperäistä Stylecraftin lankaa vastaavat sävyt. Ainoastaan toi sininen on vähän kirkkaampi kuin mallissa, mutta pelkäsin tummemman navy-sävyn olevan liian tumma.

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