Mesmeria Dress

4:37 PM

Mesmeria Dress is seamless and knitted top-down, starting with a garter stitch yoke. The dress features bubblewrap stitch rows in two alternating contrast colors. There are buttons on the back neck matching the bubbles of the dress. The dress is long, but you can easily make it shorter: the top-down construction allows you to try it on and knit until desired length. The yoke is tight fitting, but the hem has more ease and plenty of room to allow play. The dress will turn into a tunic as your child grows!

Pattern: Mesmeria Dress
Yarn: Knitlob's lair Tuulen tytär in colorways Mokka, Tiili, Puolukka
Needles: 3.5 mm (US 4)

This project took a bit longer than usual. Knitting bubblewrap stitches requires that you pay attention to what you are doing (check out a video tutorial by Knitting Stitch Patterns if you don't take my word for it), so I would knit the stockinette stitch part and then put the project aside until I had time to do the bubblewrap round. My original idea was to only do the stripes at the bottom of the dress, but then I ran out of yarn and also realised that it would look better if fully striped. On a side note: my Troll Princess who is modelling for me here saw my original drawing for the dress and added bubbles all the way. I should've followed her advise right away instead of first stubbornly knitting according to my initial idea and then frogging it and doing it the way she proposed. Good thing is that now we are both happy with the end result!

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