From Fingerless Mitts to Gloves to Fingerless Mitts

12:39 PM

In April, I thought that I was done knitting Broken tweed stitch gloves and mitts after making a fingerless pair for myself and gloves for Young Warrior. The young man initially wanted fingerless mitts, but had to settle for gloves as mom didn't want his fingers to freeze. Then Pokemon Go happened, and pretty soon it was obvious how unfair it was when mom was playing with fingerless mitts and son had to take off his gloves every time a Pokemon appeared. As there was yarn left, it wasn't a problem to knit another pair, using the modified gloves as pattern for re-modification back into fingerless mitts.

Pattern: Broken Seed Stitch -kämmekkäät by Maria Kostamovaara (modified)
Yarn: Rowan Fine Tweed in colorways Pendle (18 g) and Bedale (5 g)
Needles: 2,5 mm

These three pairs of gloves and mitts finally used up all four balls of yarn, so there won't be any more of these mitts. Unless my Troll Princess wants a pair and I find more of the discontinued yarn somewhere...

It's a creative Tuesday again - taking part in CreaDienstag.

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  1. Wow, this stitch looks just lovely!! And the mittens are perfect.
    I've never knitted it but would love to try! Isn't there another one called broken seed stitch which looks similar? Thanks for reminding me to look into this matter ;-)

    1. This is broken seed stitch! I just call the mitts "Broken tweed stitch mitts" because they were knitted with tweed yarn. But the original pattern is called "Broken seed stitch -kämmekkäät" (in Finnish only, I'm afraid), I'll need to fix that. Thanks!


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