Shimmering Sea in Malabrigo Lace

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My original Shimmering Sea sample went to Quince & co and it's touring the US with the rest of the Shawls 2016 collection. I realised that I wanted one for myself, and as it's a nice shawl to knit with all that garter stitch it was about time to make another one. I wanted to try another yarn (the original design is for Quince & co Piper), and as a friend was planning to knit this with Malabrigo Lace I thought that I would do the same. I had a skein in Pearl Ten colorway left from my Wigeon project, so I wanted to get two colors to go with it. Now the problem was that my LYS only had one colorway of Malabrigo Lace. The light purple they had might have worked with Pearl Ten, but I would have needed to order the third color online anyway. So why not go with something completely different then!

Pattern: Shimmering Sea
Yarn: Malabrigo Lace in colorways Water Green (33 g), Emerald (62 g) and Verde Esperanza (62 g)
Needles: 5 mm (US 8)

The problem with ordering yarn online is that it's really difficult to see how the colors would look together. This is an especially challenging pattern in that respect, as you work with two strands at a time and mix two colors in the marled sections. I spent hours going through Malabrigo Lace projects on Ravelry, trying to find colors that would look nice together. Finally, I chose to go with this line of blue-green shades. As the yarns arrived, I noticed that there wasn't enough contrast between the darker shades. Or, there might have been, had the Emerald skeins been the same lighter dye lot. Unfortunately, I received a lighter and darker shade of Emerald, and the darker one was too close to Verde Esperanza. The good thing with this pattern is that it doesn't really matter if you're working with two different dye lots: simply switch between dye lots when starting the next stripe. So I didn't want to go through the trouble of finding another colorway and ordering more yarn and chose to work with these as planned.

The shawl has 5 sections: 3 with a single color and the 2 between them marled and striped. You can see this on the lighter end of the shawl, going from Water Green to Water Green + Emerald with Water Green stripes, and then Emerald alone. However, the rest of the shawl appears to be in one color only, even if it is marled Emerald and Verde Esperanza with Verde stripes and then Verde alone. 
Didn't work as planned, but it's a lovely shawl anyway. This shawl came out smaller than the Piper version: 157 cm wingspan and 51 cm deep (vs. 224 x 69 cm in Piper). 

Taking part in RUMS.

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  1. Wunderschön! Tolle Farben :)
    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Just stunning! These colors are so beautiful together!

    1. Thank you so much Alina! You can't really see the pattern in the dark end, but at least it's the colors of the sea as was the idea of the shawl :)


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