Jyväskylä Summer Knit Festival 2017

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Jyväskylä Summer Knit Festival was the highlight of the summer again. Marketplace full of gorgeous yarn, class schedule with something for everyone, meeting old friends and making new - a perfect weekend! Actually, the festival started with classes, knit parade and knit night already on Thursday, but I started my festival on Friday afternoon with a couple of hours at the marketplace.

Walk Collection
I had planned my shopping, or let's say that I knew what I at least wanted so I started with those. First yarn on my list was Lystig Yarn, which might not be that obvious as we just hosted a knit night together and I would have had the opportunity to buy the yarn already then. It's just that I didn't. I had seen the gorgeous Mysterious Jade colorway on Instagram and when I saw it live at our Snadi Neulemiitti I told Leeni that I would buy it if it was still left after the event. Well, it wasn't and as I had been thinking about the yarn for so long it was the first skein I bought in Jyväskylä!

Qing Fibre
I also wanted to see Qing Fibre yarns as I had only seen them on Instagram before, and I got some lovely merino singles from her. It was also nice to say hi to the ladies at Walk Collection and admire the lovely booth, but I reminded myself of the yarn I bought in Edinburgh that's still in my stash.

My haul: Handu, Qing Fibre, Lystig yarn, Kässäkerho Pom Pom, Lanitium ex Machina
Another yarn on my list, thanks to Instagram, was Kässäkerho Pom Pom, and I really got every colorway I had been admiring... We also talked about the Super weekend in Kuopio that's coming in October, so stay tuned for a collab on that front!

Petrichor Yarns

Petrichor yarns was at the festival for the first time, and it was nice to see the lady behind Hippusia blog with her pretty yarns.

Lanitium ex Machina (with my Tauride shawl!)

Also on my list were Lanitium ex Machina and Handu. Both of them have an awesome selection of yarns, but this time my motivation was Tour-de-Sock - using sponsor yarn gives extra points and they give a discount for TdS participants.

Heidi and Liina knitting with a view to the lake and enjoying the evening sun.

After a very productive shopping spree around the marketplace I took my yarns back to the hotel and got ready for the evening party. And what a party it was! It was a lovely sunny evening and we took a little cruise on the lake before arriving at the party. Some people were knitting outside in the sun, and the house was full of knitters. Jonna Hietala interviewed the big stars: Isabelle Kraemer, Susanne Sommer, Joji Locatelli and Nancy Marchant.

Jonna Hietala interviewing Susanne Sommer, Joui Locatelli, Isabelle Kraemer and Nancy Marchant
On Saturday, my first stop was my own trunk show. It was so nice to see so many people who were interested in my designs. After my trunk show it was time to run to a brioche class with Nancy Marchant. I'll write another post about that later.

My trunk show
There were classes also on Sunday, but I headed back home. I was happy to see Hepsi on the way to the bus, so I had nice knitting company also on the way back home.

I was glad to read in the festival magazine that they are already planning for next year - I know I'm coming next year again!

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