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My choice from this year's class program at Jyväskylä Summer Knit Festival was Nancy Marchant's Grab bag of brioche techniques. I have a few brioche designs of my own, but that doesn't mean that I know it all. And if you can learn from the Queen of Brioche, I believe it's better to use the opportunity!

Nancy's class was on Saturday afternoon, and unfortunately, it started at the same time that my trunk show finished so I was a bit late (sorry for that!). I was there well before the cast on of the class project, though, so I got started with two-colour long tale cast on with everyone else. During the class we also learned syncopated brioche, crossing brioche stitches, mixing brioche with garter stitch, cabling brioche stitches, and, finally, stem-stitch bind off.

During the class we also learned how to correct mistakes and a whole bunch of other useful tips and tricks. In my opinion, the best part of the class was seeing all the samples and Nancy's designs. She has so many beautiful and clever designs that really show the possibilities with the various techniques.

Of course, we were the best class she ever had (and I bet she doesn't say that to every class ;) You can see how much we got done in three hours! Someone finally got the courage to ask if Nancy could sign her book, and after that there was a line up of brioche books to be signed. I only remembered after the class that I should have brought the Bart & Francis scarf that I knitted earlier this year. You can't remember everything...

If you ever have the possibility to take Nancy's brioche class, I recommend you do!

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  1. Knitting mistakes used to frustrate me, but this article has turned things around. The tips provided are practical, and I appreciate the clarity in explaining how to correct common knitting accidents.


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