Tour-de-Sock, warm up round: Priha Socks

8:51 AM

After Tour-de-Sock last summer I swore never to do it again (actually, reading my last TdS post from last summer, I swore never to knit socks again...). Nevertheless, by the time it was time to sign up I started thinking about all the fun (staying up later than is good for you, knitting socks that are way too complicated to be fun to knit, spending way too much time knitting socks - what's there not to love?!). A bit of attention to my stash, noticing that I have more than enough yarn for six pairs of socks and just playing with the thought of matching the yarns to TdS requirements, following the TdS discussions and opening the discussion at home whether participating would be acceptable:

"I thought you didn't want to do it like ever again?!"
"Well, yes, but I have the yarn and..."
"Oh, in that case you should absolutely do it!"

And there I was, committed to crazy sock knitting again...

This year, the competition won't start before mid July, but there was a warm up pattern offered as a gift for participants. At first sight it wasn't my cup of tea, but then there was the knit-for-kindergarten-teachers project and I started to think that this would be the perfect pattern for one of Troll Princess' teachers. Even if the competition didn't give a deadline for these socks, I managed to make one of my own: gotta finish these before the Kindergarten closes for the summer. I was pretty happy with the yarn combo I happened to dig out of my sock yarn stash, and it was nice to do some stranded knitting for a change. Actually, I don't remember when was the last time I did stranded knitting!

Pattern: Priha by Tiina Kuu
Yarn: Knitlob's Lair Väinämöinen in colorways Muste (60 g) and Verso (5 g)
Needles: 2,5 mm (US 1 1/2)

The pattern was nice and straight forward, the only thing I didn't understand was the call for larger needles for the stranded parts. I guess it was meant to make the end result more even in case you tend to pull the strands too tight, but as I only have small sock needles in one size I simply omitted the part of changing needles and went with the same set throughout.

I couldn't properly wet block the socks as I finished the pair the same day that the teacher started her vacation, so all I did was to put them on this spare set of legs and steam them with a steam iron. I'm pretty happy with the end result, and hope the socks fit the recipient!

  It's a CreaDienstag post again.

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  1. I will root for you in the contest! Yay!

    1. And I will root for you once you get your sign up done! Double yay!


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