Crooked Lines Cowl

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My fourth FO in Indie Design Gift-A-Long was Crooked Lines by Karalee Harding. This pretty cowl has instructions for a single loop and a Moebius loop versions. The lace pattern is easy to memorise and it's completely reversible, so you don't have to worry about the wrong side and the right side when wearing it.

Pattern: Crooked Lines by Karalee Harding
Yarn: Lanitium ex Machina Merino Silk in colorway Destination Rio de Janeiro, 89 g.
Needles: 4 mm (US 6)

Moebius knitting was something totally new for me, so obviously that was my choice of the two options. You need a circular needle that is long enough to be coiled around and still have enough length to knit the cast on stitches. At first I had no idea of what I was doing, but the pattern included a link to this video by Cat Bordhi and that explains the technique really well.

Basically, the idea is to start from the middle of the cowl and then work towards both edges at the same time. Sounds complicated, but it's not!

After getting started it's just simple knitting until you're finished, and this one skein project is also easy to carry with you. For me, this project was my "Länsimetro" project. After years and years of waiting, we finally have a western ("Länsi") extension to Helsinki metro line, and I can now take the metro from where I live in Helsinki all the way to where I work in Espoo. That means uninterrupted knitting time for the 18 minutes that my commute now takes. Provided that I don't leave at rush hour when the metro is full at my stop and I have to wait 5 minutes before I get a seat. Still, that leaves me 13 minutes of knitting time! On the way back there's no problem getting a seat as the rush hour traffic goes in the opposite direction (it's way more common for people to work in Helsinki and live in Espoo). Here's one happy Länsimetro customer and a pretty cowl to prove it!

It's RUMS day!

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