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Jyväskylä Summer Knit Festival provided an opportunity for bloggers to learn more about taking pictures of knitwear. A three-hour workshop, "Knit Pictures with Stories" by Jonna Hietala included tips and tricks, as well as a recap of Photography 1.0. We also got to do some practice with our cameras.

We were instructed to bring some yarn and knitwear to practice with. I thought that I'd surely end up buying yarn so I didn't bring any with me. That proved right, and I had the prettiest props to play with: my haul from La Bien Aimee!

Jonna gave us tips of good photographers whose work to check out, including interesting Instagram accounts. She also gave some advise on what kind of gear to get and I might invest in a new lens that she recommended. We'll see. We saw some of her knitwear pics and she explained how they were taken and processed afterwards.

Then it was time for practice! Luckily, it wasn't raining anymore, although sunshine is not optimal for photography either. At least it was nice to spend some time in the garden and enjoy the weather. This was also an opportunity to talk about photography with other knitters. After the practice session outside, Jonna commented on our pictures and showed us an example of editing a picture with Photoshop.

I had plenty of yarn that I had bought earlier, but I had left all my knitwear for show at the festival. I didn't let that stop me, as there were so many other knitters with their lovely knitwear and I simply asked them to pose for me. Actually, that was a better choice than wearing something myself - I can't take pictures of myself without extra gear after all!

Tut from Tuin kutomo with her gorgeous Exploration station. Thanks for posing!

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