Knitting with Ysolda

7:05 PM

Jyväskylä Summer Knit Festival started on Friday, July 15 with classes taught by knitting super stars. I wanted to continue with my plan to learn from the best, so I signed up for "Beyond the raglan" by Ysolda Teague. The class was about top-down construction and the many different ways to do it.

Example of different increases
Ysolda started by explaining the different construction options: compound raglan, round yoke, saddle shoulder, set-in sleeves and modifications to them. We also looked at the different ways of increasing, be it raglan or any other shaping. Then she explained how to take measures and calculate increases to achieve the desired construction. We also got to do some hands-on exercise in knitting a set-in sleeve mini sweater sample. After the knitting break it was time to do some math, and we did example calculations for the different construction types. Ysolda had brought some samples with her, so we could also take a closer look at some of her designs.

The hands-on part of the class was especially nice in that it provided an opportunity to chat with other knitters in the class. The finished sample turned into a souvenir for Troll princess - after we found a doll whose head is small enough to fit, as neckline adjustments were omitted.

The class started at 10 AM. That meant that I had to take a train at 5.27 AM, but the class was interesting enough to keep me awake. Afterwards I went shopping at the LYS Titityy, and was planning to attend a Meet and Greet party in the evening. By the time the party was about to begin my friends asked if I wanted a ride to my hotel and I was too tired to party anyway. So I did what people my age do: opted for not carrying my bags in the rain and chose sleep over partying. 

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  1. Kiitos hyvästä seurasta! Emme mekään jaksaneet olla illalla kuin puoli kymmeneen asti kahvilassa ja sitten kohti hotellia sateen saattelemana.

    1. Oli hauska tavata! Mä olin puoli kymmeneltä jo unessa :D


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