Tour-de-Sock, stage 5: Six Tastes

5:44 PM

Fifth round of Tour-de-Sock had some interesting colorwork: mosaic knitting. Unlike regular stranded knitting where you work with all colors at the same time, switching between them according to the chart, in mosaic knitting you only use one color at a time. This means that you knit part of the stitches and lift part of the stitches according to the chart. This way you avoid the big mess that can occur when switching back and forth with the yarns. The pattern had options for the front and back charts, so there are several alternatives of what the finished socks look like.

Pattern: Six Tastes by Hypercycloid Designs
Size: M
Yarn: Knitlob's Lair Väinämöinen in colorways Heinä (57 g) and Puolukka (28 g)
Needles: 2,5 mm

I had bought the green Väinämöinen sock yarn to go with the leftovers of the yellow Hedgehog fibres sock yarn from my Knotty gloves project. After knitting one repeat of the pattern I noticed that the contrast wasn't enough, and I would only waste my time knitting the complicated mosaic pattern. So I headed to my stash and found a red skein of Väinämöinen, which looks, perhaps, even better combined with the green. Of course, changing colors and starting over meant losing time, as did knitting a bigger size. I'm happy with the socks, though, as I finally managed to get a pair that fits my feet. Never mind finishing 26th.

Today is RUMS day.

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